Basically we work with you.  Together we design a hospice equipment program that meets your needs.  Your company makes no up-front capital investment.  If you choose your company name and logo are on every truck and uniform, giving you valuable exposure.

We Deliver More than equipment. We offer the best equipment; The best people; The best service.

We ensure you can provide top of the line equipment which benefits both the patient, the caregiver, and your staff.

Our Story

When we began our Hospice career in the 1980’s, most people had no idea what Hospice even was.  We had trouble finding a DME company that understood the unique needs of Hospice patients and staffs.  After owning and operating several Hospices nationally we consulted with other Hospice friends and providers. We found that  they were struggling with the same problems. Most DME companies at that time had trouble delivering outside the traditional DME paradigm. So, we decided to start our own. Since then we have provided services exclusively to Hospices nationwide


Meet the Team

Ed Morgan, CEO

Ed has been involved in Hospice since 1984. He began his Hospice career as Controller at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, helping to start one of the first Hospices and In-patient units in Georgia. In 1986 he joined Peachtree Patient Center. Under his leadership in 1988 Peachtree was named National DME Dealer of the year by DME Magazine. In 1989 he had the privilege of being one of the founding partners of Peachtree Hospice, which became the largest hospice in Georgia. He has owned and operated Hospices in Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

In 1992 after never being able to find a DME company that understood Hospice and its unique needs, he started American Hospice Equipment Company [AHEC], a company totally dedicated to Hospice clients.  Since then AHEC has worked with many Hospices nationwide.

Ed earned his B.S. Accounting degree from Auburn University in 1977 and his MBA from Auburn in 1983. He is a charter member of the Council of Hospice Professionals and has always supported NHPCO and its causes. He also does speaking for Joint Commission on the challenges of becoming accredited.

Diane Morgan, President/CFO

After receiving her B.S. Accounting degree from Auburn University in 1987, Diane began her career in private industry. In 1989 she began working with Peachtree Hospice and in 1992 became President of Alternative Healthcare Enterprises which operated hospices in Texas, Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri.

In 2001 Diane founded EDM Enterprises which acquired American Hospice Equipment Company and has been the sole owner since that time.

Toni Kessler, Director of Operations

Toni received her B.S. Education degree from Ohio State University in 1998. She began working with Hospice Savannah in 2001.  In 2005 she joined AHEC as manager of the Savannah operation. In 2008 she was promoted to Director of Operations in charge of day to day operations and Joint Commission Compliance for all AHEC sites.


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